Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ultimate Sport

I play Ultimate Frisbee for Edinboro University.  I think it's pretty fun and I thought I would share some of the rules. There are many ways to throw and catch.  Here is a video of the university team playing at regionals.

Ultimate Frisbee Rules
Bridgit Walters

Laying out is a very poplular way to catch.

Ultimate Frisbee consists of a lot of activeness and some might even be to lay out to catch the disk.

A Game from Edinboro University "Haggus" Boys team.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

About Me!

My name is Bridgit Walters.  I am a Freshman at Edinboro University. I play on the club Frisbee team at the university.  My aspirations for education are I would love to become a 1st grade teacher in the state of North Carolina.  I know that it is hard for teachers to get a job in Pennsylvania so I have no problem knowing that I would need to move somewhere else to have one.  I've always planned to go more down South and doing that while teacher would be a dream.  I would love to share more about myself with this blog.