Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool for School

The tool that I found that would be a cool tool for school is the website edhelper.com.  This tool is perfect for teachers that plan on using worksheets and activities.  This resource has a whole bunch of stuff.  In the middle of the webpage, there is a table of contents that lists all the subjects (reading, math,science, language, etc.).  Under each one of those subjects are links to the worksheets for the subject and you can even get grade specific in each of the links.  Scrolling down the page more, there is a whole lesson plan section, monthly theme section and holiday theme section.  This website is also a way to make your classroom so much fun with all the types of themes they have.  All around the rest of the webpage are more activities that can be created by you (the teacher) such as all sorts of puzzles, word walls, and all bunch of fun stuff.  It's really easy to work with too.  All you need to do is find the subject you are looking for and look at the type of worksheets and just print them off as you go.  In my classroom I would use the worksheets that are made because they are very topic specific and would work well with my students, they would also be fun activities that students would love to do.

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