My 21st Century Classroom


This I believe...

This is my belief statement.  This is a video that I made that is about what I belief teaching is about.  In the video I talk about how teaching should be and what should be done.  It says that I belief that teaching should be about inspiration.  There are reasons why I belief this.  Within the video is a story about my life and why I decided to be come a teacher in the first place.  While the video is playing there are pictures going from my life and some pictures are just from  To read more about the making of this video click "Frustration"

My Classroom:

This is what I would like my classroom to look like. I would want the chalkboard the main focus of the front of the room.  Off to the side i would have a smart board that the kids would work with.  In the back of the room I would have the computer desks that they kids would use on a daily basis.  Bookshelves and tables for the time we would read, would be right next to my desk.   I would like to have my desk placement in the back of the classroom, sort of next to my students.  It would be more in between the computer desks and the students desks.  Talking about the students desks, I would like to have them in groups so it would promote collaboration with the students.  I would really like them to work together on some things and if they are together by their desks it would be easier for them to collaborate.  They can ask each other questions, if they have one and one of their group members knows the answer they would just be able to answer their question right there.  If their table had the same question, it would be easier for me to answer them all at the same time.  I also think it would be easier, for accessibility because then I can just move side to side rather than all the way around the room just to get to one desk but if my students are in groups then I would just be able to move side to side to get to one or more students.  This would also help with communication.  It helps so that when the students do work together, their desks are already put in place and they can constantly look up and their group member be right there.  It also helps the shy kids get used to talking.  It promotes kids to meet and if the desks are in the straight lines then I think that that gives students a reason to be shy and it doesn't force them to end up talking to someone.  

Rituals and Routines:

The daily rituals and routines that would happen would start when the students come into the classroom.  When they would walk in to the classroom, they would have the hang their jackets up or put their lunches away (if they have them).  Then all the kids would sit in their seats, which would have their names on them.  Once everyone was situated at their desk, I would start to take attendance.  When that was over, I would take the tallies on what they would want to eat for lunch and what there was or if they packed.   When we are doing this, I think I will have a different student every day do the lunch menu, so that would promote collaboration.  Next we would sit in the front of the room and work with the smart board a little.  We would read a book and then talk about things that went on over the weekend or summer, depending on the day.  Students might end up working with the smart board if we were doing something like a "tally of the day" for example like "What is your favorite color?" and the students would go up and tally under what color is there favorite.  Then we would start the lessons.  I would like to start with math at the beginning of the day, we would go back to our seats then I would write some stuff on the chalk board that would be like little notes or problems.  Then we would use the smart board from their desks and they would try out problems of their own.  The purpose of that would be child based learning.  They would be learning how to use the technology  ahead of time.  Then we would get to reading and writing.  I would have the groups of kids come up with me and read some of the book to me at the table at the side of the classroom.  While other kids worked on their writing assignment.  Soon enough it would be time for their like "special" like gym or art or music.  When they would get back to the room it would be about lunch time for both me and the students.  They would come back and we could go to the computer lab to work on things like that.  Then we would work together on things like social studies and sciences.  I would have them do their recess at the end of the day so they would have fun time and eventually get settled.  That could be a day in my classroom in the future.  


This is lesson plan that I made up not to long ago-
Adding with spongebob

View more PowerPoint from bw105279

My Technology Integration:

In my classroom, we would focus on using the technology of the smart board.  We would use this to get everyone one involved in working with it not just me as the teacher.  I would also use the technology that I used to make the video that is in the first part of this blog.  I would use it so that parents know what their children are doing.  I would probably post those on my website that would be on the schools website for easy access.  Parents can also show their kids what it looks that when they are working so well in the classroom.  This will keep parents up to date on what we are doing.  It wouldn't be everyday when a video would be up, but if we do a big project, I would bring all of the stuff together and make a sort of collage thing for parents at the end of that project.


Using the smart board so that the students can interact with the lesson is a type of personal learning network.  It gets them involved hands-on with the work that they will be learning.  They will choose an answer and then be able to see why they were wrong or right.  I also like the idea of a classroom blog.  I could add the videos to show the parents and I could also get kids involved by showing them what I was doing and they would help me put it all together, since it is for their parents.
The parents could comment on things that we would be doing.  I would hope that they aren't rude or mean comments.  But to work with the students we would use the smart board for lesson plans and educational games that they would play if there was a lesson plan for it.  


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