Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inside the Classroom

    An educational issue that has risen is the thought that 1st grade classrooms aren't "warm and friendly" enough.  According to, research that was published in the Elementary School Journal, out of 820 1st grade classrooms only 23 percent of them could say they have "high quality" in social and instructional climate. Only 31 percent were deemed high in emotional climate but the academic quality is low.  28 percent of classrooms are mediocre and the last 17 percent are low in both of the sections.  Robert C. Pianta says that finding 23 percent of classrooms that are high quality is actually a good thing. To get this information "raters" had to go to each of the 820 classrooms and getting the data.  Teachers that got the lower score were ones that didn't pay much attention to his or her students.  If the classroom got a high score it was because that teacher was interactive with their students.  This information is according to the website:
    This affects the students in the classroom if they are in a classroom that is low in quality.  They  might not be getting the right information or enough information.  It really benefits the students that are in the high quality classroom because then parents know that their kids are getting the best quality of eduation that they possibly can.  This could really be a problem if students aren't getting the right attention if they don't understand the subject, the teacher could be moving on to fast without helping every student out.  I think that even though Robert Pianta said that 23 percent of the classrooms is a good thing that it really isn't that great.  In every classroom students should feel they have every quality of the education they deserve.
     Someday in my first grade classroom, I plan on being with my students throughout the whole school year.  I will help them and motivate them to learn.  If a students needs extra help on something they don't understand I will make sure that they aren't being rushed and get to the understanding point to move on.  I will try to find ways for the kids to want to learn the new topics every day.  I hope that in my classroom someday that I will be able to have all the qualities of a high classroom.

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