Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter 1

The first chapter of the book "Personal Learning Networks" was about how technology is taking over.  It talks about how people should be educated in all these new technologies.  So teachers need to know more about this so that the students can also learn how to use it.
A part that really stuck out to to me was the six shifts that support the connection network.  These are listed in the book but they are:
1.Analog to Digital- which is like a  kindle, a paper book turning into electronic tablet that can hold many many books that are ready to be read.
2. Tethered to Mobile- this is that we will be able to absolutely everything from our phones, instead of doing work from our desks which is the example from the text.
3.Isolated to Connected- we are able to connect to people that are all the way around the world for example, on Facebook anyone can "friend" anyone from anywhere around that world and be able to talk to them from chatting or a new video chat, that is also for Skype a video chat with someone that you would like to see and talk to at the same time.
4. Generic to Personal- with this we are about to look on the internet and find anything or mostly anything that we are looking for and be able to read about it or even watch it on YouTube.  So it can be a personal connection that you might need to know fast.
5. Consumption to Creation- in the book this talks about how we aren't really just consuming all this technology we are creating it.
6. Closed Systems to Open Systems- this is letting authors freely put their information on the web and thing such as Firefox are becoming easier for us to use the web.
This part of the chapter really stood out to me because I was able to relate to this easily.  I understood it, and was able to comprehend it.  I really took my time reading this because it really is cool to read about how we really are making this transition from one thing to another.  This also makes it seem like a positive thing when some people think all this new technology is creating bad things and such.  People like that should read this and maybe it will change their minds.


  1. I wrote about three of the six shifts that stuck out to me.

  2. I wrote about the shifts too! They stood out to me as well because such dramatic changes are occuring.

  3. Awesome, short and sweet, nice summary.

  4. i like the points and very to the point

  5. Your summary is well written and you used good points about how technology is taking over.

  6. very ture points that most people should think about